Five weeks :)

Puppies are five weeks old now, and if the weather is nice, they benefit their “summer residence” 🙂

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Puppies – 3 weeks :)

Puppies at 3 weeks 🙂

Puppies were born :)

On Friday 27th Udra and Bero’s puppies were born. There are 4 boys and 3 girls. All healthy and very active. Udra is a great mom 🙂

Silver Award

On Sunday there was an annual meeting at Polish Kennel Club and we are happy to announce that Iza was awarded the Silver Award of Honor 🙂

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Udra is pregnant :)

We are happy to announce that ultrasound confirmed that Udra is pregnant 🙂 So we expect small weimaraners to be born around March 28 – 29th.



Yesterday TEQUILA Szara Sfora passed away and joined St. Hubertus’ pack. She was a gentle and very fiendly dog – a great companion and a loyal friend.
We would like to express our sympathy to Piotr and his family.